Chairman's Desk

All kudos to Founder of SSA Who envisioned to create an Academy of Excellence in rural area and created:

Shakti Shanti Academy, Saran Bihar is a unique educational institute which looks beyond the traditional horizon set for the school. It is our endeavor to promote educational ambience conducive to the growth of students whose minds are in impressive stage, so that they may metamorphose from a mere physical beings to intellectuals, initiating them to prepare for higher educational goals for their lives. We make teaching an employable experience through integrated activities. The aim is to help students to develop physical, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual facts of their personality on the right lines. In this endeavour the professional support is provided by a team of  dedicated and passionate teachers. We treat our students' parents as indispensable partners in the process of education and attitude development and are committed to work in constant collaboration with them.