Mrs Kundan Singh

Known for bringing seismic change in academics:

I heartily welcome all students and parents to this temple of learning where their ward  would grow and develop into responsible individuals who would be the pride of their families, communities and country.

We feel privileged to share your responsibility of bringing up your children in a manner that recognizes the basic fact about all children being possessed of a natural curiosity and ability to learn. We appreciate the need to imbibe in your children confidence, skills, discipline and experiences of S.S.A’s unique learning system that would help them up. This is augmented by our belief in teamwork that involves you, the parents, in your children’s education.

There is simply no possibility of the children’s education being completed without parents' comprehensive appreciation and involvement.

I thank the parents who have always stood by us in our task of building a healthy educational environment. I look forward for your humble co-operation