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I take this opportunity of reaching all the students and parents out there and welcome you all to S.S. Family!

          It has been 20 years now since SSA has been working on the holistic development of the students. Thanks to the wonderful teachers. The present generation is privileged to have technology and new teaching methods. A couple of years back it was not so. Knowingly or unknowingly we already have technology in almost all spheres of life then why not in studies?

          Now it is on us to extract the benefits for which ‘Our parents’ are requested to spend some candid time with their kids discussing as to what is being taught and  where do they find difficulty. Then please make use of the parents-teacher column in this diary and keep us posted with your wards development and suggestions.

          Keep yourself involved

          For anything more please write to me at

          My best wishes to all who are and have been a part of this journey!